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You Really Can’t Stop The Blues

From the Can’t Stop the Blues Facebook page: In response to this overwhelming COVID-19 situation it became immediately apparent to Karen Gottheimer that help was needed for Blues artists that are losing income as a result of cancelled concerts worldwide.

And on top of that, all the Blues Fans worldwide needed something to depend on as well.

She contacted Crafton at Eric Gales’ website to determine how we could provide a robust platform for live streaming these artists that don’t have the technical ability for whatever reason, be it hardware, software or anything at all keeping them distanced from their fans and contacts worldwide, online.

Hence, Can’t Stop The Blues.

• • • • •

Tonight, April 26th, will feature a double-feature of sorts: back-to-back live performances by Doug Deming & the Jewel Tones (FL) at 9pm Eastern, and Nick Moss & Kate Moss (with Rodrigo Mantovani and Patrick Seals) at 10pm Eastern.

Simply visit the Can't Stop The Blues Facebook page 15 minutes before showtime to settle in and chat with fellow blues fans via the live feed.

Tipping the bands is easy should you wish to - they can be sent via PayPal, Venmo and Bravo.

Tip directly to NICK & KATE MOSS via: Bravo Pay: Nick Moss PayPal: Venmo: @NickMoss-1 You can access Nick Moss‘ merch store at, and Kate Moss’ merch store at

Tip directly to DOUG DEMING & THE JEWEL TONES via: Bravo Pay: AndrewGohman PayPal: Venmo: @andrewgohman

You can access Doug Deming merch store at

Many, many thanks all the fine folks at Can’t Stop the Blues for their tireless work in bringing music to the people - and the people to the music.

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